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Hunting Gate / Re: An Interesting Encounter!
« Last post by ShakySarge on Today at 10:53:23 PM »
That was definitely neat to watch.
Hunting Gate / Re: Just another day of starlings shooting
« Last post by max115 on Today at 10:39:45 PM »
@Bicycleman.  Oh I didn't even realize that it was that long ago.  Lol

@Tater.  Thank you for watching.
Daisy Gate / Re: New 880
« Last post by Freezypellets on Today at 10:38:25 PM »
I ordered some air venturi moly paste tonight so I will get the trigger work done when it comes in.
Last Friday on a lark I bought a Crosman Custom Shop 2300 .22 with carbine stock, moderator and Hawke red dot included from a member next door. Got it Monday. Shot it and kept shooting it was just amazed at the accuracy. Loved it. Then my wife shot it and loved it. Was getting worried, I saw her stealing furtive glances at it when she thought I wasn’t looking! Got a notice I had special birthday discounts and they had one 2300S left. Supposed to be here Tuesday. Then we picked out 2 pair of Steve Corcoran grips and my wife ordered those. Might as well get older in style ha!
Air Gun Gate / Re: What airgun related did you do today?
« Last post by Spacebus on Today at 10:30:50 PM »
I shot a couple of rats that made their way into the trap in my garden. I used to drown them, but now that I have "joined the club" I used my .22 cal Stormrider with Crosman Piranhas
Air Gun Gate / Re: A cast iron skillet for a target?
« Last post by Auggie1 on Today at 10:30:40 PM »
Can .22 cal pellet traveling at 900 fps go through a cast iron rectangular pancake pan  at 10 ft? Thank you
German AirGun Gate / Diana ZR Mount, globe site, and other thoughts
« Last post by wyotrap on Today at 10:28:26 PM »
So, after letting my 2011 RWS 54 “Air King” in .22 cal eat a couple cheaper scopes….funny how cheap scopes start getting expensive when you’re buying them over and over again… it’s spent far more time in the closet or safe than it deserves just because I held off on getting new scopes, knowing how they’d die.

I decided enough was enough and ordered a nice Leupold scope and a Diana “ZR” mount to hopefully tame the beast, or at least have a good warranty to fall back on.

My preference would actually be a globe front site and a competition style rear peep, but, since Diana doesn’t seem to be interested in making another run of the units made for these rifles I don’t want to go through the “fiddling” to make something work. A scope will just get me shooting.

Side note, who thought that a huge front sight blade was a good idea on such an accurate air rifle? It might as well be an inch wide it just doesn’t feel right on there to me.

I have seen Vortex and Hector sell model 54 specific kits and accessories, spring kits, short stroking them etc, but is there anyone else making parts for them?

It seems like such a long running, popular rifle would have more of an “aftermarket.” I did my homework in 2010/11 before buying the rifle, and don’t regret the purchase-its powerful, accurate until it pops the scope…, and perhaps my favorite part is it’s self contained (no compressor or pump needed, or 6 pumps to spook the squirrel if you miss), it doesn’t jump due to the floating action, it’s heavy, but I’m a big guy so it doesn’t bother me too much. Ultimately it’s “almost perfect” for what I got it for. Maybe it’s this state of perfection that kills the aftermarket.

Air gunners like to modify and upgrade every other gun out there, I’m just confused as to why that globe site barrel end had one production run what in 2010? Anyone have one they’d part with?

At one point I saw a photo of a cool looking brass barrel end someone bought, or made a couple years ago, but for the life of me I haven’t been able to find the link since….

It would be cool if there were more options like that for these…no huge gripes, just wondering if I’m alone in my thoughts.
Air Gun Gate / Re: Your thoughts when it comes to thinning the herd
« Last post by cjtamu on Today at 10:13:51 PM »
Then you have someone like me come along.
I wanted to thin my herd and took a perfectly good Old Rifle and just packed it up after the rebuild and sent it back to the Owner I bought it from.
She's a very special friend and I wanted that Rifle in a place it would fit into and be taken care of as it should be.
Sometimes? It's not about the money.

Nice. That’s how we like to part with things too. I hate selling things. But giving them to someone who can use them and will appreciate them warms your heart and theirs. Kudos to you.
German AirGun Gate / Re: Diana mod 20 T01 youth rifle
« Last post by happymecanic on Today at 10:13:20 PM »
I have a bunch of RWS catalogs from the 80's and 90's, their heyday of importing Diana airguns to the US. The model 20 does not show up in any of them.

I do have several German-market Dianas from Milbro days, and those have the standard presentation of the brand name, with the "goddess" logo. The odd look on the model 20, i.e. the big "DIANA" text with no logo, makes me wonder if there is something to the "made in China" hypothesis.

Looking back at that old chrono data...I betcha your 20 T01 would love JSB 7.3's or the Air Arms Falcon... 8)

Mike thank you so much for chiming in with all those interesting details :D. I took the rifle apart, and the construction of the rifle is very similar to the one on current China-made airguns, also I found no other markings on the receiver.

Some more pictures:
Back Room / Re: FedEx has teleportation technology?
« Last post by SILENT SQUIRREL on Today at 10:11:05 PM »
It's all the rage now.
They just think it delivered; and it is
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