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Author Topic: Cool, cheap Chronograph from China, the E9900-X  (Read 540 times))

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Cool, cheap Chronograph from China, the E9900-X
« on: May 02, 2021, 08:06:52 PM »
So I just got this finally in the mail today from China and ordered off Amazon (weird that Canada Post delivered on a Sunday, lol). It's half the price of a Caldwell or Chrony brand etc. (about $78 vs. $140 here in Canada on Amazon). By the way you will not find the price I did, unless you look for anything but the word Chronograph. The model number works, E9900-X or the seller KKMoon on Amazon. That or use stupid words like "velocimetry" and velocimeter and other weird terms for chronograph and you'll find them and not watch chronographs along with them (which always happens), lol.

Once I got everything hooked up right (one light bar was on backwards and not lighting up, lol) it read every shot fine, right from shot one to the end. And I got the results I expected on each gun, my .177 Vigilante (about 427fps, which is average on these) and I got 488fps on my 2289 .22 Crosman pumper, which is about right too for this sub 500fps gun. Even broke 500fps with plastic skirted pellets from RWS (similar to Crosman fast flight plastic skirted alloy pellets), but only with those pellets, did it manage that. They hit at 538, pretty good. Excite heavy Copper, Crosman pointed, Crosman hollowpoints and Predator Polymags, all averaged in the 470's range with Crosman hollowpoints getting the closest at 488. That's pretty consistent with other people's results on video and in reviews of same said guns. So it is accurate it seems. It reads in meters per second, rather than feet, by default. But apparently, in some Youtube comments and Amazon reviews maybe too, you can change this during boot up with some weird button pressing, but I have not figured that out yet.

The conversion is easy anyway with Google, so I don't mind. I thought I would have to find the sweet spot on this, as a dude on video had trouble finding it at first when reviewing it. But I had zero issues, I could almost fire it anywhere in the arches and it would pick it up. It even picked me up throwing things through it and that was definitely NOT straight like a gun. Lol. Apparently, I throw little rubber balls at 35 feet per second and the useless micro USB cord they sent with it, when I threw that through it, lol. And it screws up less on error shots than a Chrony or Caldwell. It's quite decent for so cheap and reliable for reading shots. Only works with 4 AA batteries (rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries work with it too as well as alkaline, I cannot speak to any other chemistry like Ni-Cad or Li-ion etc.)

Why they included a stupid micro USB cord with it is beyond me, lol, there is absolutely nowhere inside or out that I can find where you can hook it up to DC wall power. This one has nice sized arches/windows similar to Caldwell or Chrony brands, but just a little smaller. Lots of space to shoot other weapons through it like crossbows, bows etc. unlike some other cheap ones on Amazon that are only good for paintballs and airguns.   
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Re: Cool, cheap Chronograph from China, the E9900-X
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2021, 11:51:42 AM »
I got the smaller barrel mounted one and so far does all I ask of it and works as expected . I'm satisfied for $30.
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