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Title: Informal FT shoot in Pendleton, OR on August 7th
Post by: DougT on July 17, 2010, 04:45:45 PM
I'm holding an informal FT shoot on my property starting at 9:00 on August 7th.  We will looslyl follow basic FT rules.  Targets will be knock-downs, water balloons, bell, spinners, etc. at ranges of 10-55 yards with a couple special targets at further than that.  Open to all shooters and air rifles and all will be shooting against each other.  This shoot is for fun and to expose people to the world of air rifles.  $5.00 entry fee and $5.00 for a burger/salad/beverage lunch between the two rounds.  Call or e-mail me to reserve or with questions.

(541) 278-9766