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PCP/CO2/HPA Air Gun Gates "The Darkside" / Re: Down-powering springers
« Last post by gloob on Today at 02:50:16 AM »
Virtually all the other major manufacturers use barrels that open out after a short bore constriction, so the pellet doesn't drag.
Ummm.... So all the talk about chokes on barrels has been BS?
I'm not convinced your statement is correct.

I'm not sure who's talking about chokes on barrels, but IME, most of the big makes are choked at the muzzle. This prototypical springer barrel has a tight constriction at the breech, which I've seen last anywhere from 1/2" to 6" long. But then the bore opens up slightly after that. So for most of the barrel length, the pellet slips through just barely touching the bore. This is what I meant.

Then the bore doesn't get tight again until the last fraction of an inch, at the muzzle.

In this kind of barrel, you don't need to worry much about accuracy falling off if you reduce velocity. I know HW, Gamo, Hatsan all make their barrels like this, although I only own one on this list. My Daisy 1100 barrel is also made like this.

But in many of my cheaper rifles, the bore is just the same all the way from start to finish. The pellet drags the entire way. This includes my Crosman. And my generic B rifles. And my some of my cheaper chinese built rebrands (Ruger Explorer, Air Venturi TR-5, Buckmark pistol, off the top of my head).

The AA TX200 and ProSports are also like this. So this can obviously be accurate. But if you reduced power too much, the pellet would start to decelerate while still in the barrel, and then accuracy goes out the window, IME. Some of my cheap springers were uselessly innaccurate, because they started out too slow for the barrel length to begin with. I got them to shoot by shortening the barrel.

Welcome New Members / Re: O’Connell air rifle
« Last post by AThomas on Today at 02:44:23 AM »
Welcome to the GTA!
Welcome New Members / Re: Taking the plunge to PCP
« Last post by AThomas on Today at 02:43:45 AM »
Welcome to the GTA!
Welcome New Members / Re: So cal high desert here
« Last post by AThomas on Today at 02:43:17 AM »
Welcome to the GTA!
Welcome New Members / Re: Hello
« Last post by AThomas on Today at 02:42:38 AM »
Welcome to the GTA!
Welcome New Members / Re: Hello
« Last post by AThomas on Today at 02:41:40 AM »
Welcome to the GTA!
Back Room / Re: R.I.P. Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac
« Last post by lefteyeshot on Today at 02:41:11 AM »
Well, I'm not famous but I'm good looking. And as Fernado said 'It's more important how you look than how you feel!'

But the lady will be missed.
German AirGun Gate / Re: Feinwerkbau 300s Universal - cheekpiece
« Last post by lefteyeshot on Today at 02:32:50 AM »
JB Weld wood repair, sand/stain to match.

Never would match, or even come close!


That's why I said paint it flat black or at least black.

I wouldn't put paint on a 300 either but the OP's has a hole in it. Get a stock maker to make a new one
Back Room / Re: Good morning! Are you up yet? What's your plans for today?
« Last post by bReTt on Today at 02:31:05 AM »
Hey Brett, try some CB or BB caps in that Ruger.  Ely subsonics work well in my Tanfoglio too.
I'll look into those.  Thanks!
Hunting Gate / Re: Observations with my Zeus Thermal
« Last post by BinjiC0d3r on Today at 02:29:35 AM »
Of the many pieces of tech gear I own, I get the greatest joy from using my thermal gear! Maybe because I know intimately how the other gear works, but I know much less about thermal detection.

Glad you find as much wonder as I do with the little things around us, that thermal amplifies 1000 times over!
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