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Author Topic: Daystate AirWolf CDT (Full Review) The Original E-Gun w/ 16 settings  (Read 537 times))

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Hey guys. I got ahold of a 2008 Daystate AirWolf CDT. This was the first electronically controlled air rifle (with a bottle). They must have got it right on the first try. This gun shoots every bit as good as a Red Wolf, as far as I can tell. This video will cover the history of the CDT as well as the operation and accuracy. Find out why YOU need an AirWolf CDT in your collection. Thanks for watching! -Nate

Click here to watch the video on Youtube:

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Re: Daystate AirWolf CDT (Full Review) The Original E-Gun w/ 16 settings
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2021, 06:10:57 PM »
So ya know ..... CDT does not use a pressure transducer which interfaces with the electronics.   MCT does use the pressure transducer and has a much more even power delivery as HPA tank changes in available pressure.

"M" being MAP is the term used where the electronics have a map that pending pressure at given sampling points alters the solenoid strike energy so the power output stays even.

Your "C" version gun will have a bell curve just like any other UNREGULATED pcp.  This curve will shift position in the Ideal fill pressure based upon what power level your using.

 i personally own a MCT that is very early and has BOTH an analog gauge and electric display showing tank pressure.

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