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Author Topic: Brocock Sniper XR Magnum .22 (Full Review) 48 ft lbs of MOA Slug Shooter  (Read 364 times))

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Hey guys! I purchased a Brocock XR Sniper Magnum in .22 that was owned for about 2 weeks by an AGN member who lives near AOA. ůso this was "new" enough for me. It came to me completely stock out of the box, no settings changed. The gun is definitely designed to shoot at 42-48 foot pounds with extreme accuracy (in .22). That means .22 Daystate Howler slugs and 25.39 JSB Redesigns. You can also dial down the power setting and shoot dime size groups at 50 yards with 15.89 gr and lighter pellets. The laminate stock is also super nice. This Brocock XR Sniper review video will give you an up close look at one of the most powerful, (an accurate), PCP rifles on the market. Thanks for watching! -Nate

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