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Bigbore Energy/Ballistics calculator

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Yeah someone needs to update with another sticky ,the one I found doesn't take the cal. into account

9 year old post :o

the link no longer works.

I have been using a free calculator on my Android phone, but when I went looking for it they seem to have removed it. Here is a dead link and maybe it starts working again:

The "other" airgun calc has ads, which is no good so not going to link to it.

Another one that I have is Ballistic Energy Calc, but haven't used this one much. Here is a link but not sure it will get you there:

I use the AA classifieds Trajectory calculator for mist work these days and PYramydair’s calculator for quick FPE dara,  I use P.A’s bullet effectiveness calculator for penetration.  The AA does work, but there is no bullet shape parameter.



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