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The aliens are alive and well in Roswell!!


I'm into a lot of "things". I'm a licensed amateur radio operator (k0bg) for more years than I want to count (stick a .com after my call sign). I metal detect more than my wife would like me to, but I occasionally bring home something she'll appreciate. I have hunted and fished all my life (all over the world as well), mainly because I grew up in a sporting goods store (literally!) in Kansas City, MO. While I have more than a few airguns, who really cares? The fun comes, not in the numbers, but the use of same! At my age, I need exercise more than I need anything else! This is the reason I really like to shoot pump guns. While it is nice to plink and plink, with an occasional re-air-up, all you need with a pump gun is enough pellets to outlast your muscles!

With all of this in mind, I'd like to talk to anyone with similar interests. Whatever they are!

How's life in eastern New Mexico, I'm looking to move either to Clovis or portales

We'll be thru there in February on the way to Santa Fe. I spent the night a couple of times at the old truck stop on the north side of Roswell back in the day.


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