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Okay, here is the beginning of a thread pertaining to all things CDT triggers. Let me give you a brief story and the reason for this thread.
Bob (the original CharlieDaTuna) retired a few years back from the trigger business. When he retired, he sold the trigger business to Gene. Gene and wife Cathy took over and nothing really changed. The same machinist is doing the same work, same folks are adding the anodized finish and each trigger is hand calibrated with the exact same jigs as from the beginning. Gene had involved Cathy in the trigger business and spent quite a bit of time going over all of the details after finding out about his health issues.
Cathy has been doing the CDT trigger business by herself since around November 2014. She has no plans on stopping either, and that's good for us.
She has turned to me for help with the CDT website and I am advising with an overdue facelift. :)
Since she does not have access to ALL the types, kinds and brands of airguns (nobody that I know of does) she can certainly use our help from time to time staying up to date. Folks, we REALLY want these fantastic triggers (GRT-III, CBR & GRT-4G) to remain available to us. They are by FAR the most economical and easiest improvement anyone can do to an airgun they fit.
So what I would ask of you is this. Please look at the present list of airguns that these triggers will work in.

If you have installed a CDT trigger in an airgun that is not listed on the site, please post it here and send me a message. I'll try to keep an up to date list and to keep the site as current as possible. And if you have a question about a particular airgun and a CDT trigger, please post that here also. We will try to help you determine if one of these triggers will work. A good close up picture or two of your trigger group would help us help you. :)
So, let's do what we can to help Cathy and to show our support to keep this line of triggers available to all.
Thanks for your help!!!!
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

Looks like I found the right gate as I'm trying to find out if the GRT III trigger will fit my Hatsan Edge .25 Vortex and springer and if it does, you can add those rifles to the list, sooo....I will more than happily send the lady my money for these triggers, but being cautious as always, I wanted to post a couple pics of my rifle triggers (they both have the same one) and get however many opinions show up. I'm very new to the whole tuning and upgrading thing, but as far as I can see, the GRT III should work, please let me know what you think and thanks in advance for any advice!!!

The GRT-4G Trigger  will fit the Buccaneer pcp,  You do have to separate the receiver from the tube because it has a dowel pin that goes through the tube to the trigger housing, you cannot get the cover off the trigger housing without removing it. Be carefull because there is a spring and detent ball and the tp and also a small pin that will fall out.  David

Stand by...the CDT website is undergoing a major facelift. We are working to unclutter it, update it and make it more visitor friendly. This will take a bit of time but keep watching. The "About" page will be updated to tell the "CharlieDaTuna" story. Thanks to all that continue the support to insure we have these fantastic triggers available!!!

I have an older Gamo 880 Hunter that I just added the GRTIII trigger to.  Great upgrade!


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