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The GTA Shooting Matches for July will be held on the 26th.

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Don't feel so bad Famine,

I only fired an 80 ! and I came in dead last !!

Who cares, at that point I can only get better, but not my poor knees :(

Just come on out and shoot with us fellows !


Bill, I hope to be joining in the festivities soon myself. I've got several things going on with my shooting irons and as soon as I get them situated and zeroed in again, I'll start posting in the 30 yard bench rest. I'm old and my eyes can't handle irons only, unless I use my turkey gun, PL1KS.  ;D
Might shoot and post that one just to annoy Gene. LOL

I can def do the shorter range matches... all I am able to wrangle out of my yard is 15-20 yards max


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