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So what did you Order / Receive today ? (to feed the "Beast" that lives within)

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 The "Beast"  :o  is the addiction, that we all commonly share  ;)  ;D
I know that these kinds of threads pop up once in a while, but if you care, then feel free to share !

 What did you Order and/or Receive Today ? ? ?
(Post pics for things you've ordered (if you can), pics required for things you've received)

Here's mine for the day...

I got pellets today.
Barracudas and Polymags for Gretchen. ;)

I got my first squirrel of the season today.  8)

Been waiting all day for it to be delivered via USPS ... sadly the postal service came in with just letters.
So THURSDAY it should be in my hot little hands !!

(Edit) Got here thursday late morning ...Wowzers !!

Steve Corcoran P-rod stock for my long tube 1701P HFT pistol  ;D

2 P17's to play around with...cant believe they are that accurate for 49 bucks.


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