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anyone interested in shooting near Meridian , MS

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USMC expert shooter:
just trying to find some people interested in shooting in or around the area of Meridian, MS. any pellet guns....doesnt matter...just want to have fun shooting. I have break barrels. inbox me if interested. if you have a place to shoot that would be great. i am kind of limited but have some places we can go. :D

Hi, I am in Laurel, about 45min south of Meridian.  I'm always looking to meet GTA members for some airgun fun.  If you are interested, we can shoot on my property out to 70 yards.  And I have a grill with seldom a good reason to use it! ;D

@nervoustrigger - I too live in laurel. I'm new to the whole idea as an adult, but I'm researching and about to start ordering.
Send me a msg if you're still interested in hosting.

PM sent and purged some messages from my inbox.

wish we were closer, im in Amory. Happy New Year


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