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Airgun Laws in Delaware - please educate me


Hi all-

Can you guys educate me on the Airgun laws in Delaware...

I read that Delaware classifies airguns as 'non-powder guns'; I also read that by classifying them as 'non-powder guns', they are considered/ classified as 'dangerous weapons' and that Delaware prohibits possession of some 'dangerous weapons', which are defined to include certain large caliber BB or air guns.  The writings seem to indicate that anything over a BB is not allowed - but this can't be true, as I have seen many posts from persons in DE.


Is this true? 
If there is restrictions, what caliber? 
Do you need any kind of permitting to own or buy one? 
Are you allowed to 'pest' or 'varmint control' on your own property or is this illegal?
Would I have to register mine or anything like that if I moved there?

In most of Pennsylvania - where I am - airguns are not regulated or classified this way, you can just buy them at will, no real restrictions - but you can not discharge them just anywhere and you are not allowed to hunt with them here - but there is a bill the change that *fingers crossed*

Not looking for any debates or flame wars - I just want good, usable information, any regs would help.

Thanks in advance for the info.


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