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Another sample 2450 psi

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Ran some strings on the .357 Corsair today with the light spring .Marvin
With stock spring

With cut spring .

 Impressive energy out of a .357, 170+ftlbs is no joke,  hey put up a picture of the monsters your shooting, we'd love to see the gun,  :)  J

Please understand that the rifle was doing almost 250 fpe . I am posting this info so that people will know that BB can be made to be dual purpose rifles with a little work . Marvin

 I stand corrected on the ftlbs,  Thats a great looking gun, do you have any idea how much fps you lose as the barrel is shortened? I realize the longer the better but i did not know if anyone ever figured out a given loss/gain per inch of barrel length?

 Do you know if thats a QB breech marvin?  Thanks J

Yes and no . It has been so reworked or reinforced that it is and is not . Rule of thumb . 8-10 fps per inch . And I will state that its action is much smoother than my JH . The other nice thing is there is no screw in the loading port like Crosman to jam up the loading of bullets like my J.H . Don't get me wrong my JH is a good rifle but the Corsair is a better rifle JMO . I will sell my JH 32 but not my Corsairs . If you look on Randy's site you will see it listed there .Marvin


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