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Pennsylvania air gun hunting


Bud in PA:
To those of you who live in PA. I checked with the administrator before posting this. There was a PA house bill H236 introduced by Rep Matt Gabler of Elk county to allow air gun hunting. It was not voted on in the last Game Commission meeting because no one brought it up. I have contacted my state senator, and state representative, and the Governor's office. I am trying to contact the Game Commission, but I had trouble with my cell phone. I will try again tomorrow. I strongly suggest that all fellow Pennsylvanians contact their representatives and the Governors office, and the Game Commission and ask them to let us use our air guns. I have offered information on the use of air guns in case they are not familiar with them.   

I hope that goes through.

Saw this topic and know it’s old however, I contacted the PGC on 8/5/2019 via web site and got a reply from Mitch King <> and was told he went before the PGC last summer to talk about air guns. The PGC is aware of the capabilities of the modern PCPs and have not acted due to the lack of public interest. Basically if we want to hunt big game, WE have to ALL LET THEM KNOW by contacting them with requests for legalization. Let’s face it, we aren’t making a lot of noise being moderated...if anyone reading this has any ideas how to broadcast this loudly please let me know. Pennsylvania Game Commission needs to hear from us in mass and often. “ The squeaky wheel gets the grease” kinda thing Mitch said in his e-mail to me that we...air gunners...need to send the message that we want to hunt with our PCPs then he can re-engage them at his level.

We have some of the same issues in WV.

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