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Another sample


Did a comparison on the .308 Corsair today . Because this rifle is so air tight . Meaning that there is no transfer port or bolt leakage I was able to get the psi down to 2750 and maitain the energy I wanted . With a weaker spring the same lenght as the orginal . With the small air tube and low fill this is a hand pumpers friend . Again 10 minutes and it is back to full power .Marvin
The bullet

The readings

 Am i seeing right, 45gr. bullet? Fantastic what you've acheived, it gives me great hope for mine, although it's a different manufacturer the spring and hammer mods are known for the J haley, i've read about some at least, That might let me do the same thing you've done and be able to shoot at those lower fill pressures and still have good energy at close ranges. All your experimenting has netted you some great results. That "pellet" looks huge. ;D

Same bullet that was used in the J.H 32 .Just re sized it to .30775 from the .3115 . You should be able to get that .457 down around 3000-3100 psi and shoot R.B or a 160-180 grain bullet at a decent speed .  Marvin


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