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Any air gun events in Washington this summer?


I'd be interested in any informal shooting events in Washington this summer. I live in North Snohomish County but would gladly travel to get a chance to shoot with other folks.


I'd invite you over to Yakima, but it's so stinkin' hot right now that the pellets would melt before they hit the targets. I think we're looking at a 12+ day stint of 100˚+ temps.  I'm dying over here....

You a pilot, Glliderflyer? I've got about 800 in taildraggers, 14 in gliders, 400 in a 172, and another few hundred in various ul's and homebuilts. Have a Cessna 140, a Hornet, a Rans, and almost a Sonex 3300. We do a lot of plinking in the Hanger, lol


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