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Of what you can do to save on air and lead for most of your shooting . All I did to the J.H.32 was to set down with a extra spring and the chrony . Started out at 3600 psi and around 185 fpe . More than I need for small game and targets . Did not need to get into hammer weight changes . Just a shorter spring . I now have a rifle that has a fill of 3000 psi and enough energy for paper and small game . It takes about 10 minutes now to go from one level to the other . A quick sight in since I know how many clicks on the scope and I can go from paper to hunting larger game . At the speed that it is still shooting I did have to cast my bullets in a 12 bhn instead of 5 bhn to maintain a sub inch group at 65 yards . Marvin
The bullets

The readings 2 strings per bullet. And as you can see I did not lose energy by going to the harder lead .

 Marvin your slug in the picture looks as perfect as any i've seen of yours before, or anyone elses ever. You have really mastered the fine art of casting. I hope you offer up more info on the hobby, as it will really benefit me and lots of others on this forum.

 I sure like hearing about your easy adjustments with such positive results. The JH rifle i have coming opperates off a higher fill pressure than i'll be able, initially to offer it. I was going to try some different spring weights and lengths to see if i can obtain similar results to yours , thanks for the post,  Jeff

Nomadic Pirate:
What mold is that Marvin ?   I'd like one for my .357 Ultra

Jeff do not shorten the spring that is in the rifle . Until you have a replacement . Jack does not like to sell springs cuts his inventory so I am told . If you pull it out and let me know the specs on it I might be able to tell you were to get another one with the right part number . Or I might have one to sell . Marvin

 That is awesome, thank you so much for the offer of assistance , i'll let you know soon,  Jeff


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