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Once again I see that Maine has had 0 new discussions. It makes us look bad because we are the ONLY state that has not had at least one new discussion. So come on guys. Let's hear from you. Summer is coming and I would like to have at least one shooting event before snow flies again. I will start this off.

George Bowen
Buckfield ME

Come on, folks, let's come together like our southern GTA members do and have some fun.

*Listens to the crickets*

Pathetic....why do I even bother?

I'm new and staying in York ME for the summer. If it's only an hour or so, I'd drive to a meet - even if we are the only two!  ::)  I can usually do a Tuesday or Thursday.

Let me know and I'll PM you my #.


Sorry guys,

But, I'm way up in Northern Maine, just south of Houlton . . . maybe 40 miles.  Also suffering from two banged up knees, can't walk very well . . . it's killing me because I have an Extreme .408 Big Bore that I just look at for now . . . already to shoot it, but the knees aren't willing!



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