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.22 cal grain weights are like speaking chinese


newguyontheblock (Nathan):
ok to clarify, im getting a 22 cal barrel and all the neccesary stuff for my currently .177 cal disco. im mainly going to use the .22 cal for the skunks and we have some cleaner from a family friend that gets rid of skunk stink.

i know that 10.5 gr is great for .177, 7.8 is light. 16.1 is heavy

but what about .22cal?  im guessing teh eun jinns are the heavy ones at 28 and 32. is 14gr light?
the benj's that that my .177 loves are 14 gr, is that good in .22.

thanks in advance

Start with JSB 18.1 gr. jumbo heavy. 14gr +/-is kind of "standard" for .22.  PCP's and the Gas Rams seem to like the heavier stuff. 10 gr stuff on the lighter side. CDT did a good write-up on the topic. It's in the library somewhere.

14.3 seem's to be a good starting point for the .22's(CPHP's,CP Ultra mag.) an I've used up to 21/24 gr. with good result's,you do need to pay more attention to yardage with them(arch like a rainbow farther out). I'd say the real heavy's you pointed out are mainly for rifle's with alittle more push than your Disco. Don't think they might even fit in your new mag's you have upgraded too?

newguyontheblock (Nathan):
i may get a .22 cal mag. but untill then it will be single @$%^, with out the brake because i forgot that i might get the interchangable barrel so i only have the .177 brake. 

i think ill begin wtih the 14 gr range

im going to take advantage of PA's buy 3 one free deal and get a nice assortment of .22 pellets

You can pretty much categorize .22 pellets by weight like this:  under 14 grains, lightweights; 14-16 grains standard weight for the caliber, intended for more powerful springers and such; 18 grainers like the JSB Heavies approaching the limit for spring guns, very heavy for them, and 21 grain and heavier are intended for PCP's.  Some spring guns will tolerate the 21 grain Kodiaks/Barracudas, but they're too much for most mechanical airguns.  The really heavy pellets are designed more for guns like the Korean PCP powerhouses, like the Evanix and Sumatra rifles.

My personal opinion, most .22 caliber spring guns in the 12-14 foot pounds range should stick with pellets in the weights of 12 to 15 grains, guns in the 15 to 20 foot pounds range with those of 14.5 to 18 grains.  There is a balance of the guns mechanical power level and the best trajectory and impact energy to look for.  Under a certain weight and the gun won't achieve it's best output AND the ballistics are poor because of the too light for caliber pellets; over a certain weight and the gun will be choked, can't produce it's optimum power level, and the ballistics will be poor because the pellets can't be driven fast enough.  Charlie Da Tuna had an article relating to this balance and his recommendations for pellet weights and I think he was correct with his information.  If anyone would like to see a graphic illustration of what different pellet weight does to to different power level rifles, go to Straightshooters and look at the Our Take tests of velocity and energy versus the rifles used.  Good information there.  


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