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P-rod chrony ,part2 must see

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Paul in MD.:
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D My wife went too bingo all day and left me alone all day with my p-rod. I changed hammer spring but got less FPS than before i started,so then i went to hardware store and picked up some real small washers that would fit the spring guide,well it shot better but nothing to get excited about ,so then i tore down gun and drilled port,that was all it took.I,m one excited p-rod owner now and it is all sighted in. ;D ;D

Wow, I thought those P-rods ran at about 13~14 fpe. But 21 is pretty amazing

Paul in MD.:
 ;)You haven,t seen nothing yet,wait till the pro tuners get ahold of the valves and etc, it will bring out some power pistols. ;D

Nomadic Pirate:
Can't wait, I want my Maurader pistol, at 20 some FPE for sure ;D ;D

Paul in MD.:
After all day of shooting and pumping and pistol teardowns,my chrony printer jammed on last string with the Kodiaks and i ran out of Predators,so i could not test them ,but they will probaly be around 730 FPS and 19 FPE ;D


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