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Anyone Else On THis Here Forum  (Currently) From Las Vegas, NV.??...I've Seen the Other Post(s) From a Few Years Back..And It seems the A/G Activity from this Area Seems almost Non~Existant or It's Just Really That Slow??!..Wouldn't Mind Meeting a Few More Heads from Las Vegas that Share the same Passion for this Extremely Fun (And Addictive) Hobby/Sport that I Have Recently Re-Discovered!...Hopefully I'm (Not) the Only One 8)

well it looks like there is at least 4 members in your area on the GTA Members Map. Look up their names on the map, then send them a PM,
 Feel free to place your own marker on the map too.
 It's the best way to find GTA shooting buddies.

Thanks Ron!....I Heard the Airgun Scene Out there In SoCal is Quite Huge, but Im sure Every Scene out There Is at the Same~Time, LoL 8)

Hi Richard,

I'm in LV. If you'd like to get together for a Fun Shoot, give me a holler.  :D

Hey Garess!...Where in Las Vegas are You Located?...I'm Located Near the Central/West End of Town, off of Desert Inn & Decatur...I Consider the Area that I Stay In to be Pretty~Much at the Center of LV, So a 15-20 Min. Drive in Any Direction (Usually) Gets Me Where I Need To Go! HMU (702) 510-9697, Richard 8)


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