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OK... I have loved my springers exclusively for these past years, even swearing that I'd never go to the dark side. But recently I became a dealer for Cometa, and as they are coming out with the Lynx, I am certain I will cross that line. However, and even though I have been shooting since I was a little kid, is there something I should experience first? I mean, a youngster seeking that type of physical expression, experiences more than just the best of springers before jumping like a lush in a bourbon barrel to the finest PCP. Do I need to get my feet wet? Or do I need to just dive in?


I "dove in" and bought a Condor .22 as my 1st PCP but the Mrod was not out then.  Only the Disco had just come out.  There 's nothing to them.  I knew what I wanted and what I wanted it for (my avatar may give you a clue, hehehe). 

I always say do it right the 1st time.  This is why we have this great forum that you can benefit from.  Do your research, ask questions, know what you want to get (price-wise, power, etc.) and get the gun/PCP you want, or always wanted. 

Who am I (are we) to tell you get your feet wet and get a $200 Disco for your 1st PCP, or buy a $1K-1,500 European one? 

I would love to own them all or many of them, but realistically I can't, so if I can own 1 or 2, which ones would I want and for what purpose?  So basically my suggestion is that you need to look at what you need a PCP for - hunting, pesting (what range?), target shooting, indoor or outdoor, or all of the above.  Also evaluate the risks of owning a 40, 50 or 70fpe PCP for backyard shooting (neighbors, the risks, do you have the property? etc.) or its uses, and see if it makes sense to get a powerful one, or get an entry level one like a Disco, or something in the middle like a Maurader .22.  You may want to go predator hunting where the range will be much greater, so a big-bore PCP would be the best choice for you or a powerful .25.  There are many factors that will affect your decision.  Only you know them.

It sounded like the Lynx was a little more than a Marauder, but with switch barrel capability, regulated valve (?), and multi-sized bottles. It is still supposed to be way less than most Euro guns. I think I would just get it and call it first love, if it is going be SOON.

I held out when the Disco was announced, because I didn't want to like PCPs, and get tanks and stuff, and still have to put up with the noise. When the Marauder was announced with higher power and the shroud I just couldn't take it anymore, so that was my first.

You could always get a Disco or used Marauder just to fill in the wait, and ditch it after the Lynx arrives.

Great advice already!  I always opt to ask exactly what are you going to do with it.  In my opinion (and it's often wrong!) there is no one perfect gun for everything.  SO, buy one and then buy another and then buy another!!!

My first pcp was actually a QB79 with a 3000psi bottle.  That one setup taught me to handle the fill strategy carefully and to finally get comfortable with high pressure air.  My next was the Disco which was followed by the Marauder.  In between were a couple more QB's and a converted 2250xt which also uses the 3000psi bottle.  Of course, of late I have been looking longingly at an AirArms 410 and the FX Royale which are both much more higher priced guns. 

It really depends on how much you got and what you want to do with it.  One reminder as Dave mentioned is that you can often sell a used lesser priced gun for almost what you paid for it if you are careful about the price you initially pay for it.  That makes a great upgrade path for many guys.

Either way, please let us know what your strategy will be once you decide.  We might not be able to buy one right now but it is fun to live vicariously through your purchases and experiences.  I'm looking forward to hearing what you do.

Good luck,

The others have already given you great advice so need for me to cover the same ground twice.  Just dive in and get what you want, you'll be fine  :)



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