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Folks, I just wanted to take a minute out of my usual busy day to say thanks. Thanks again to Gene and Bob for creating our second home, GTA Forums.
Thanks to each and every one of you, the members, for helping make and keep GTA the best forum on the internet!!!
Without your contributions, this forum would not be the fantastic resource it is for all that seek airgun knowledge. So keep the questions and comments flowing. And thank you for referring our forum to other like minded folks. That is what keeps us growing. And the fact that we have recently gone over the 10,000 member mark is a testament that we are doing something VERY right. :)
Thank you and welcome to all new members. You bring fresh information and questions to us that is appreciated. And even bringing up already covered topics reminds us of them and allows us to expand on that information as we all learn. And having new members join from all over the globe proves folks can come together under a common banner and treat each other respectfully and friendly. World leaders should take notice and learn a thing or two from our GTA family.
A BIG thanks to our fantastic vendor/members. We are most honored that you find GTA and our family a valuable enough asset to continue supporting us. And for that, we will continue to support you and your business. I say it all the time and will continue to say "We support those that support us!!!".
Thank you to ALL for the donations of items for our monthly raffle. And thank you for all that participate. Your donations are what keep the doors open for all that seek airgun knowledge. Every penny goes toward the forum upkeep, monthly fees and maintenance.
And last but by far not the least, I want to thank each and every one of your staff. These folks, that are regular members like you and me, have stepped up and volunteered their VERY valuable time to keep our forum organized, informative, entertaining and just a great place to hang out. And folks please remember, it takes a team and quite a bit of time to maintain our growing forum. And also remember NONE of the forum staff receive any compensation for the time they dedicate to GTA. The only payment they get is the pride in a great forum and the thanks they get from the members. I'm bad about not expressing it enough publically, but know I DO appreciate all of your time, IMMENSILY!!!
Thanks to Gene, Harry, Joe and Richard for keeping me in line and helping out GREATLY with the admin duties. And to all of your moderators that keep the "gates" neat and tidy. All of you are very much appreciated!!!! And your work shows, you should be proud.
We now return you to our regularly scheduled airgun stuff.
And as always....
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

Yes thank you Gene and Bob! and all our members and mods and admins! and a special thank you to you Dave for all you do!

Thanks to all of you .... proud to be a member.

Ive learned a lot about air-gunning since joining GTA. Thanks to all that make it happen!

 ;D And thank you EZ you help to keep the GTA the second home made friends both near and far this is an amazing forum


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