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Any suggestions for an entry level FT rifle?   Looks like a lot of fin but my Hatsan breaks the 20fpe limit.

bubba zanetti:
I plan on using my BAM-50.


TX200, HW97, R9, R11, etc.

Lots of choices!

.177 is common the .22 is used also but harder on smaller kill zones. Are you looking for springer or a pcp ? it does not have to be the "latest and greatest" when I went to my first field target event I was given great advice " Enjoy your gun not your score card " I did and had a wonderful time and planning on doing more.

For Field target ... Honestly stick with .177 cal !!

A .22 ( lightest 14.3 grain ) maxes velocity at 817 fps
A .177 ( using a heavy 10.3 grain ) maxes out closer to 935 fps

No brainer which gets there faster and flatter  ;D

Tho ... that said, wanting a PCP or Springer does change suggestions quite a bit  :P


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