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Cometa Lynx

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Has anyone seen anymore info on the lynx? Release date,etc. From what little info I've gotten sounds like a great rifle(bottle gun,hammer-forged barrel, quick -change for different cal., match trigger, multi-shot, and quiet.) they keep putting off the release date but have sent several to dealers for testing(pomona)

They will be at the SHOT show next week, and you will probably see new information by Tuesday. I am watching too! But it looks like Crosman is going to compete again for my hard-earned AG dollars... must get lotto ticket....

This rifle is going to mark my switch to the dark side. I'm not going to junk my springers, but I expect it will be quite a nice rifle. I'm trying to get an inside track on sales with a good pre-order. PM me with interest!

I've pre-ordered 10 of these. If you'd like to get on the list to be one of the first with a Lynx, PM me!

Wow...That is pretty nice, Imma go look up the specs.

Will That be out by this spring? I am in the market for a new PCP, and was just gonna buy another Mrod


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