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--- Quote from: Gertrude on May 05, 2014, 03:14:21 PM ---I have seen on some other forums where their is a "Members map".

 The GTA Does already have one in the GTA Library,... But most new members, and many older ones rarely see it there.

The idea with this new map, is for it to be tied to this thread, so that when you place a marker, you also add a post to this thread.
 This should help the map to grow quickly and become a useful tool to all of us, when looking for a shooting buddy.
Here's the link to a new map.
 Feel free to go on and place your marker.

 Then click the Additions Tab,...
 Then click "Add Marker-Simple"...

 Then choose a nearby location (within a few miles of your home), where it says "address".

NOTE- This map is a full public access map.
ANYONE on the internet can look at it... and it is not controlled by the GTA.

For your own Privacy and Security, we strongly suggest you place your marker a few miles AWAY from your actual home address

 Each of the members on the forum, can go to the map and place a marker somewhere near where they live on the map.

 It Should Not be your exact address, so you are not subjecting yourself to any undue security or safety concerns.
 It can simply be the city you reside in, or at a major cross street, nearby shopping center, or wherever you choose.

 Naturally, it is not a requirement of membership, and participation is completely voluntary to each member.

  The amount if information on each icon is completely up to each person who might choose to participate.
  I think it might be fun, interesting, and entertaining to have here on the GTA,...
  Especially since we are an INTERNATIONAL Forum !  ;D

If you DO choose to place a marker on the map, Please come back to this thread and make a short post saying you are now on the map. That way, it will bring the thread back to the top so more members will see it, and new members will find it.

You could also add a link to the map or this thread to your GTA signature. that way, each time you make a post, it will be available to anyone who may have otherwise missed it.

Enjoy, and I hope it will help to bring fellow airgunners together and help to promote our sport

--- End quote ---

Is there a way to move a marker for change of address?

Michael M.:
On the map in the Ladonia Alabama area.

Tin Can Hitman:
Just found this and added my marker.  A great potential tool!

Added to map, also.

When allowed, I'll add my link...
https:// www

Added a location Marker!
This is a nice touch.


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