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New .308 EPP/UG super-lightweight airgun boolit molds....


Dick Dastardly (of is making a custom 6 cavity .308 airgun boolit mold for a customer I referred to him, so we can all benefit from the expense of the tooling for the new mold design that has already been done. He will have a .9mm/.357 version available soon to compliment the original .45 version.

These are super-lightweight designs for the caliber. The .45 version has a solid reputation in the SamYang barrels, and at least one TOW barrel. My go-to boolit for general shooting/precision. I have a very good feeling about the .308, and .357 versions.

 What a beautiful hunk of lead :)   as well as the .456 epp did in the 909 sam yang, i'll bet these will be equally as good, since they are being made with air in mind, a hollow bullet with several sealing gas checks, it may turn out to be the fastest .308 out of an airgun so far. Let us know how it turns out,  Jeff

I have my fingers crossed for the 9mm molds!


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