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A question for other P-rod owner's


I know we all agree that the pistol grip's should of been better(sure someone is starting to make replacement's) but my question is does anyone find the trigger over travel set screw overly sharp edged an also the trigger adjustment hole at the back of the guard  starting to become a distraction after firing a few mag's? I know a few are in carbine mod an maybe this is not a problem but I have keep mine in pistol an I have a habit of crawling my middle finger around when I'm free hand shooting getting a firm target grip an the dang thing's wear my finger to a semi painful objection ;D. I plan on just cutting the screw down an finding a plug of some type for the hole(maybe some grip's to cover this) but i just wanted to know if your's are as sharp edged as mine enough that you have noticed this also.......Thank's Jay


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