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Using air pistols to hone shooting skills

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Johnny come lately here... I just joined this forum for this exact reason. Mr Sasquatch, and anyone else with some practical experience, I'd like to know more about how you go about this. I am not a competitive shooter at all. I just like to shoot but I'd like take my shooting up a few notches.

 There are many replica air pistols on the market, many replicate the actual firearm, I prefer the ones that shoot pellets for the better accuracy you get with pellets.
 If you can give some details to the pistols you are using, many can give their opinions and experiences on almost any particular  gun. Sig Sauer offers many air powered options of their real guns BTW.

I put thousands of rounds through my Crosman 150's over the winter and have improved considerably I think.  They're only single shot but they do have decent triggers on them and the one that I used the most is over 60 years old, it sure is a lot of fun especially when I cast my own pellets that are well capable of hole in hole accuracy with the right gun.

My personal favorites for practice is a Crosman Mk1, replica of the Ruger Mk1,
 and the S&W 78 or 79g, airgun copy of The S&W 41.
The S&W pistols were made by Smith & Wesson, and later sold the tooling to Daisy.

Both pistols are of excellent quality, and very accurate.

Unfortunately, they like the daisy guns are out of production, but can be found on the used market for around $100 for the Crosman, and a little more for the S&W.

I have the hollow point mold coming from NOE in the 30grain BBT's  I plan on trying out the hollow points in my pistols with my favorite Crosman 150 when it gets warm enough outside for co2.  I'll be after the close up chipmunks and red squirrels with it.  I've already shot my 150 out to about 10 yards successfully burying a 19.6 cast pellet far enough into a 4x4 accurately to convince myself they'd be very capable close up.


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