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Air gun Hunting in New Jersey


New for the 2013-2014 hunting season in New Jersey the Division of Fish and Wildlife have now authorized the use of air guns for the taking of Gray Squirrel, Rabbit, Hare and Jack Rabbit.   Ammunition can not be smaller then .177 and no larger then .22 . Air Gun BB's are not legal to hunt with.   Air guns must have velocities over 600 fbs at the muzzle and a Rifle permit is "NOT" require ( just the normal basic shotgun hunting permit)   

This above information is clearly stated in the 2013-2014 New Jersey Hunting & Trapping Digest. But what is not stated in the NJ Digest is that use of any air guns that have air damping or a silencing device, even if installed by the manufacture are illegal in New Jersey.  This is a ruling from the New Jersey Attorney Generals Office and is stated in the New Jersey Firearms Law on the New Jersey State Police web site.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife have declared that Modern Air Guns  are ideal for hunting small game due to the fact that air guns are quieter and lighter.

I think this is a positive advancement  for us air gunners in New Jersey  especially since we live in a state that make no delineation between an Assault Rifle and a Red Ryder BB Gun. 

Be sure to read the below listed link before heading out into the field in NJ


Look forward to this this year. Going to take the 2 boys out for this.

As for the NJ law. It not worthy and I wish I could move. Getting real tired of some of the &^^& that goes on for no justified reason.

I couldn't agree more Mike!!


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