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are all aa pcp guns made in the czech rep?

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i was under the impression that aa was made in england. and i just looked up the s200 and its made in the czech rep. thats a little disheartening. im concerned that it wont be up to the same quality as my tx. if im gonna drop another 600 on a gun, i want it to be there.

Jawbreaker 38:
I don't know about all of them, but the S200 is made by CZ. To me that's a major plus, CZ has always been known for quality. From my understanding none of their rifles are blued, instead they are black chromed.

No just the S200 which is made by CZ-BRNO and label as a Air Arms. CZ has a reputation for making very accurate weapons




I understand your desire for a British AA gun, but consider that CZ-BRNO is one of the most widely respected and coveted gun makers in the world.
The quality, fit and finish, and accuracy of their powder burner centerfire rifles are legendary.
Their dangerous game rifles are particularly desired.
It's a pretty safe bet that a PCP made by them to AA's specs will be as good, if not better, than anything churned out at AA's U.K. plant.


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