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TKO Awesome!!!

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As most already know,  Mikes muzzle brakes are great!  Very, very quiet.  Nice quality,  looks great and works even better.  If you are considering one, just buy it you will not be disappointed.  Made my Katana (very similiar to the Discovery) backyard friendly,  now I can shoot it anytime and not having to wait.  Like Mike said to me, "you will think something is wrong with your rifle".  All I hear is the pellet hitting the target, now I have to make a quietier target! LOL

Quieter target?
There already is one.

Thats an interesting design,  thanks for imput

Welcome to the TKO club 8)  I've bought two from him, the first I stripped the threads over tightening the screws. (my fault)

So just a heads up be careful since the material is delfrin (sp?), but they are a pretty nice construction. I cut the first one up to look at the insides... :o

if you want a silent pellet trap make it urself today for $40 with parts from home depot, duct seal, and a circuit box. works like a charm

How do you like that Katana? I was looking at getting one but now they are dropped from
PA. It looked like a very nice piece.

Merry Christmas


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