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Anyone want to do an indoor 10 Meter or 5 Meter unofficial match?


I've been working on laying out a 10 Meter single lane in my semi finished basement to stay in practice. I was doing really well at 40 yards (best I can do keeping beyond target in mind) before it got too cold to shoot outside. At this point, trying to rely on a decent day on the weekend is just not working out and it's dark by the time I get home from the office.
If my single lane works out, I may have to slightly change the plans for finishing the basement layout.  8)

Anyway, anybody else up for it?

There is an off season 10m match running right now.  Do you mean besides this one?


My bad. For whatever reason I did not see that one posted.  :o
Time to hit the printer.

There is this one too,  60 Round Standing Rifle Challenge


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