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I live in Las Vegas and I'm not sure where to go so I can plink without getting hassled by Metro or pesky neighbors.

Good Luck.... I believe it technically is illegal to discharge an airgun in the city limits. Luckily I relocated over the hump to Pahrump and they are very laid back out here. Maybe you could try out on one of the dry lakebeds? Like out at Jean or RailRoad Pass? There is always the shooting area on I-15 just south of town off Las Vegas Blvd. There are a few good shooting areas up 95 north past the Prison.

Hmmm, I never heard of it being illegal to shoot an airgun but I'll make sure it isn't. Yeah, I have a friend that lives in Pahrump it seems really quiet and peaceful with tons of room. I just started shooting in my garage until I find a good place to go and plink without driving too far away.

Any BLM land you can get to that is 1000 feet from any road or dwelling that isn't a campsite or other wised marked "no shooting" is fair game as well. You can get a BLM map at their offices. The one I know up is up by the Santa Fe casino. You can also take 95 north, turn left at the prison, and keep driving past it to a neat little spot with a tiny pond. Or call metro non-emergency @ 311 and just ask them.

Cool, thanks for the info.


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