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Any one intrested is shooting in North Mississippi

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--- Quote from: Trophyhunter49 on April 30, 2014, 05:31:45 PM ---   Well it looks like the weather as fainly settled down for a day or two , we need to get together for a shoot!!
   gard72977 , did you make it theough all the bad weather!!
  Just let me know what we want to do. I have a place to shoot if you are close to Smithville,Ms. it's free!!

--- End quote ---

Yes we do, I also have a place to shoot in New Albany, and it's free too, from 0-100+ yards..

Let's get together on this..

Looks like we got new Albany, tupelo, smithville, batesville, and I have a pm from a member in byhalia,

Wish I was a LITTLE closer to you guys. Would be good to mosey down to sling some lead. I'm in the Jackson, TN area and it's a bit of a drive.
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

Jackson is only 2 hours away, I go up there on a regular basis.

My wife and I are thinking of relocating there, if I can find a job there.

Lots of applications put in, but no responses...

Hi, I am planning to go to the range in New Albany Saturday
to shoot airguns, anyone want to come?

Rain or shine (as long as it isn't a torrential downpour.)

Ian McKee


I don't know what 1/10 silowet (scuse spelling) is but I like to shoot, just bought my first pcp marauder 22 and trying to make a shooter out of it? I'm between Amory and Aberdeen, I shoot 35 yd out of my home window regularly . 662-436-0523


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