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Any one intrested is shooting in North Mississippi

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Nothing in MS at all. Anyone interested in shooting? I would be interested in 1/10 scale silhouette or paper.

  Hey , I just found your post! Why yes I would love to shoot!  I spend most of my time on CAPOF .  I live in Smithville , Ms. are you from Tupelo ? Get back to me , OK

Powder burner:
how far are you from Batesville?

I am in New Albany.
About an hour from batesville, and 30 minutes from tupelo.

We have a range in New Albany with distances out to 100 yards.

We shoot air guns and powder burners every Saturday.

It is free to shoot when it is open.
If you want to become a member, it is $100 per year, you get a key, and can come anytime you wish..

We don't discriminate, we shoot everything from bb action pistols to air rifles to 58 caliber muzzle loaders..
And all sizes in between..

I am always open for shooting.

Ian McKee

   Well it looks like the weather as fainly settled down for a day or two , we need to get together for a shoot!!
   gard72977 , did you make it theough all the bad weather!!
  Just let me know what we want to do. I have a place to shoot if you are close to Smithville,Ms. it's free!!


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