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THAGC reminder for the 1st ever NC State Match from Scott.


I hope this email finds you all well.   If you follow the THAGC website you will see we have 13 pre-registered for 9/14 shoot in Mount Pleasant.   The online registration is pretty cool.  Please let me know if you can come by pre-registering.   The club will be providing hotdogs for lunch and I need to have a head count.  Let me know too if you are bringing guests.

I talked with Chris about it and we will also be having a swap and sell table.    Please bring any airgun related stuff you want to trade or sell.   I know I have a couple of scopes I don't use and maybe even an air rifle.  Chris has some stuff too.

Our last two efforts to get together in Mount Pleasant were flooded out.  Hopefully we can get another week and a half of relatively dry weather.  Chris has a great setup and has worked very hard to make it a fantastic place to shoot.

We hope to see you there and please email or call me with any questions.  Info and updates on



Wish you ALL THE BEST in a great turn out and favorable weather !!

The course is in great shape and it looks like we have more nice weather in front of us. I hope to see everyone and if you would like come on by Friday for some practice time. Also we will having a fun shoot on Sunday as well.

Scott Allen:
As of today we have 16 pre-registered and there are a few others who have indicated that they might be able to make it.



Final reminder for this Saturday! As of now we have 18 shooters registered. Please see our website for updates and directions. The range will also be open on Friday. We also are having a H&N challenge! More details on website. Hope to see everyone this weekend.
Chris Berry


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