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Any Shooting Events In Washington?

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joel w:
I see this area is empty still.   ???  No shooting events in this state?  Any local (Snohomish County) interest in here for one?

We have a chunk of property and no close neighbors.  Currently I have a 51yd and a 106yd range set up and was thinking about making some field targets for the yard.   We are pretty far out near Whitehorse Mountain. (near Darrington) but it's a nice scenic drive. 

Let me know if any of you are interested.  Maybe we could put something together..

Very good layout for setting up a shoot Joel!  I know exactly where you are, but now I live about 3,000mi away, so it's a long way from the Everett ferry now ;)   There' members that are not far from the I-5 corridor area, and also over on the OP;  so I'd bet if you announce one, you'll get some interest.   

Paper Tiger:
I would be interested.  I live in Seattle and I'm fairly new to airgunning and would like to help and learn more.

Hey, sent you a PM. Sure would be nice to get together with others here in Western WA

joel w:
Yes,  this sounds good to me.  Need to run some of this past the wife but she is easy going so no worries here. :D  Glad there is some interest.

 I am waiting on a few parts to come in so I can put this .22 together and get it running good.  In the mean time, I can try and put some targets together and work on the yard a bit (tall field grass).. I am very new to FT and pcp's so I only have a hand pump.   I have looked at some of the targets used and think I can come up with a few.  Time to study up on FT.  ;)


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