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john gray:
1) can someone tell me everything thing that can be done to it and still be on looking for more power,
2)i have plenty of c02 bottles from 9 oz to the big ones from my sons paintball many more shots can you get on a 9 oz bottle .
3) yall post some pics of the ones you got
4) does anyone know anywhere where you can get one with the mods already done?
    thanks ...

newguyontheblock (Nathan):
i have seen many who make their own wooden grips, longer, shrouded barrels,i even heard of an auto loading breech with a 16 round magazine.  gunna have to google the breech thing. and its to my knowledge that they use the little single use 12 ounce like some pump paintball guns. there is a website, i think airgun artisans or something is what you need to look for on google and its dedicated to 22xx series i believe

 I did about everything i knew to do to mine, aftermarket bolt and breech, valve, hammer spring...  all from crooked barn airguns,changed them all out and i have to say i learned lots and had a good time modding it. In the end however, i realized that it was going to be next to impossible for me to get my fps much over 700. And for the amount of money that had gone into it.. i could have easily bought a lower cost pcp gun and pump and got a lot more performance.


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