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U.S.A. made scopes for pcp's


  I'm probably putting this in the wrong place but since this isn't a review yet and these scopes are not springer rated to the best of my knowledge, i thought i'd put it here.  I read a review of the Kruger optical scope line and was quite impressed to find that most of their line is made in the U.S. by old employee's of Redfield and Leupold, these are fully multi coated scopes with every feature of the other American made lines but they are selling for 1/3 of the price. The 4x16x40 offers side parallax adjustment, is made in the U.S., has all the high end features and is $119.00 shipped. They also have a sub $100.00 line of AO scopes that is made overseas but they are not the ones i'd have any interest in.  Ever since i bought my marauder with it's dubious "Made in the USA" on it, i've wanted a US scope to match it and these are the only high magnification scopes i've ever seen for anywhere near these prices. I thought it would be worth mentioning to you guys who might care about such a thing,  J

Thanks for the tip.
I'm like you, with the urge to pay a bit extra for USA goods whenever possible and whenever I can afford them.
Good to know that King Leupold and Prince Burris aren't the only Yankee scopes out there.
I think I'll get one for my own M-Rod, if and when I can afford one, hopefully sometime next year.

Just found one review, although short, for one of their scopes.
They must be a very new company, since I couldn't locate any other reviews via search engine, except for one of their spotting scopes.
At this price, if it's even as good as the Centerpoint, this is a lead pipe cinch of a deal.

   I'd agree that they are a new company, i ran across them when their line first came to optics planet and i'd say it was within the last year for sure. I now see that walmart online is carrying them as well but i'd be willing to bet their production facility is small and they are not putting out a large quantity of scopes. I read somewhere or another additional info about their line and i was pretty impressed, i think i'll go ahead with one and see how it does and give a review. I like also that quite a few of their fixed scopes are parallax set at 50 yards instead of 100. Those are a good possibility for a hunting gun too. Give me a few weeks and i'll post on one,  Jeff

  Edit, have one on the way but it's a non AO for a shotgun, i'll post on it's quality level though and btw, kruger optical is "partnered" with Columbia sportswear, who i'm guessing is now a part owner.. They are made in Sisters, Oregon.

  These may be quite a deal as the scopes and binos on the walmart website are not the same models as these but are definitely high end $400-999.00


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