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The Troyer scale

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 As no 2 FT courses could ever be the same (esp when trying to figure wind et al.) we have the ever so usefull Troyer Scale:

which allows us to get some idea of the difficulty of any givin course. Some groups might only have 45 yards, some might have all 1 -1/2" Kill Zones,.............   So Brad figured up this handy scale just to give us all some idea of how hard course "A" vs course "B" might be.
 Thanks Brad.

(edit to ad link to pics)
For years Brad ran the TVA Club in Huntsville, one of the first places I shot FT. Brad always set two course up, one a short Hunter and Brad can set a course!! Over the swinging vines, between the tree & branch, back in the dark hole.......  . Sorry it's mostly rifle/shooter pics.

Do you have the excel file for this?

Microsoft Excel... It was most likely the program that the document was created with. Access to that makes it easy to print and to alter...


--- Quote from: thercman on January 30, 2014, 05:11:44 PM ---Do you have the excel file for this?

--- End quote ---
I saved one to my Photobucket account............
Just open the link, right click on the image, save the image to your desktop (or wherever) and the saved image will be a .jpg image, open the image on the desktop by double clicking, then "right click" on the opened image and select print.

This gives me a perfectly legible print however for some reason half of the "title line" at the top gets clipped off. This could probably be adjusted using "printer settings" but I don't bother because the "Yards/KZ" line is intact.

The link to the excel file can be found at the bottom of the page here:

Just copy and paste in your address bar.


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