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good pcp under 5 bills

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hey all. ive been reading up on these pcp rifles and would like to get some feedback on there accuracy/ longevity. i own a trail xl in 22 caliber but would like to find something my nephew could hunt with as the trail is super heavy and a bear for a 12 year old to pump. i was wondering if the discoveries or pneumas are decent guns for the money or are they too cheap. i cant afford 1000.00 for an air gun and these sound like a breeze to shoot accurately. i appreciate any feedback and /or suggestions.

Discovery is a great little rifle but don't forget, you need a way to fill it. The package with pump is under 5 bills but you will need to pump it, and the pumps themselves fail more than the rifle. They are still a great deal. Discovery is a little loud for suburban backyard practice, but there are accessories online that can help with that.

I like to fill from a tank. IF you have a tank (outside of the $500 budget), then I think the Marauder is more powerful and versatile.

For a 12 year old, I'd go with the Disco.  It'll fit a smaller shooter better, and is quite a bit lighter than the Pneuma.  And unless they've changed a lot in the last couple of years, the Pneuma definitely needs a fair bit of work out of the box to be decent.

Most of the other under $500 PCP's I can think of are Korean guns, nice, but up there in the power and noise category.  They can not so good air like crazy, tend to have large air cylinders that make pumping a real chore, and the repeaters can be fiddly to load.  They also tend to be larger, heavier rifles.

You know, there are plenty of lower powered springers that are still very competent hunters, and would be easily handled by a 12 year old.  The Diana 34 comes to mind, add a Vortek kit and it's a very easy shooter, and well under your $500 budget.  My .177 does 14.5 fpe with Dynamic tin pellets and is the proverbial tack driver.  Later.


If hes going to pump it I would say Disco

Nomadic Pirate:
Introduce him to a springer, he will learn more, long time gain vs short time gain


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