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Barrel Bending 101

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--- Quote from: bocomomark on October 04, 2013, 07:57:32 PM ---I'm about to commence to bending on my .22 xs25.  Assuming I have a centered scope, at what distance should I attempt to get the POA and POI to initially intersect? (~770fps .22 cal)  Perhaps the better questions is, should I leave my POI a little low, and if so, by how much?  I shoot in my basement a lot (9 yards), and that's where I'll be doing the bending.  (but I hope to use the gun outdoors, in an all out war on squirrels, at some point in the future...)  Thanks.

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For the work I did above, I shot at 10 yards. And after tweaking the barrel at 10 yards, it was still dead on at 26 or more yards. That was for this airgun and the ammo I used. Your results may vary and it also depends on the power of the airgun. But I'd say make your test range 10 yards. Worked for me. That is the longest range I have in my shop corner to corner.

A big Shout-Out of Thanks for this thread....
I was just able to straighten barrel on my Ruger air Magnum, Perfect now useing this jig and an 8 inch C-clamp [was plenty strong enough to handle cheater bar].
     I am Very Pleased, bought this WITH the popular Upward bend from firing with barrel Cocked, was totally useless but is now as good as New...
     Proud to be a Member Here,    Dave

I did some figuring and playing with Chairgun (first time for me) and it would seem that .5-.33" low at 9 yards will likely come close to putting me on zero at 20 yards (a zero distance recommended by B.B. Pelletier/Tom Gaylord).  Hope to give it a try here soon.

Built the jig today. 3' 4x4 nailed on the top edge of a 3' 2x6. I had plenty of 2x and 1x blocks from building a spring compressor awhile back and a big c-clamp all in the garage. It worked fine with my Bam B3 Ak. The gun has a AK/SKS type front sight. All the way left poi was 1" left of poa. (you all know, adjustable front sight you move opposite) I centered the front sight and I shot off my table at 21 meters (all the room I got). Poi was 3.5" left of poa. Removed the gun from the metal and wood stock. Conservative first bend to right, no change in poi, but the gun tried to roll sideway. Next bend I laid it on it's side with a folded shop towel under the receiver, 2" block under the end of the barrel. Extended the jig out over the edge of the back porch and bent down toward the 2x6, re-assembled the gun, poi 1" right of poa. Zeroed from there with the sights. Tomorrow a couple of re-built B3's. One with a Mini 14 Ranch rear sight.

Good deal. Glad to hear of it working for others!!!


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