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In an effort to show that many, if not all, of our GTA members in the USA care DEEPLY about our 2ND Amendment rights and the attack these rights are under, we have created this post. It contains links to places we can all go to get our message out PROPERLY and jointly. We will add more links as we are given them. Many city and state government bodies are changing the wording of laws pertaining to firearms to include airguns in the same catagory. If this is allowed, it will put the Red Rider BB gun in the same class as a AR style rifle. This is ludacris and needs to be stopped before it's too late. By attacking our rights to own and shoot airguns will mean the next step will be an attack on our forum. We have attempted to stay nonplitical but we as individuals SHOULD take a stand!!!!
Please check out the links below if you wish and help fight the good fight to preserve our freedoms. No one is forcing an opinion on members but we offer these avenues for our members if they feel the need and desire to let their voice be heard. We will not open it for discussion on this forum but we can offer this instead.
If you have a link to a USEFUL site to help in our battle, please forward it to a staff member for consideration.
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

For news and events:

Your state representative contact info:

GOOD info:

The below website was set up for supporters to repeal the 2ND Amendment. I found it very entertaining to see the opposition posts.

Petition initiated by a NY State Senator to repeal some the latest NY strict gun laws:

VERY interesting short video and a historical event I was unaware of. And I've lived in TN all my life with the exception of 20 years in the service.


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