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how does one post photos?

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would like to post some groups with my new to me R7. Thanks

A couple different way to post but the defualt is when writting you post before you post it look to the left and click on Additional Options. There you can post pictures directly from your computer.

A couple or three ways to post photos here. If you have them sized correctly, less than 200K 650K each, once you finish your post, look down at the lower left for Additional Options. From there you see attachments and a Browse button. Click on browse and go to the location of your photos. Click to add the photo. To add another, click on more attachments and do the same till you add all you want to the post.
You can also go to our Media section and create a photo album. Upload your photos there. Click on the photo in the album you want to attach and it will open in a web browser. Go to the address box and copy the web address for it. In the toolbar above, click on Insert Image. Right click and paste the address of the photo you just copied. This will insert the photo anywhere in the message you want it, not just at the bottom like the add attachments works.
You can also upload your pictures to a web hosting service like It's free. When you get them loaded there, you follow the same process I outlined above. Copy the web address of the photo you want to display, select Insert Image and paste the address there.
Let us know if this doesn't work for you or if I'm just not making sense, which happens many times.  :P
Happy Shooting!!!!


Set yourself up a free YouTube account. Upload your video to your account and get the link just like the photos. Insert Hyperlink will show the video in your post.


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