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Using or other site to Place Pictures in Your GTA Posts.


Remember, to be able to post pictures within your GTA account you must have at least a 20 post-count and the pictures must be less than 200k in size. 

Sooner or later, you will enjoy the GTA forums so much that you will want to share a picture of your favorite airgun, favorite target or maybe just something else that has become a favorite for you.  There are a number of ways to post pictures but I have found that using Photobucket has become a quick and easy process to not only post my pictures in the GTA but to also keep many of my pictures online and readily available and contained within a free format.  Once I learned the following steps, I found that I could post my pictures easily and quickly on almost any forum and interactive website I visited.  Here are the steps that I follow to share my airgunning pics with my GTA friends.  I hope this may help you do so as well.

Using Photobucket to place pictures in your GTA posts.

1.  Create a Photobucket account.
   Go to and follow the instructions for creating a new account.  It is free and will require you to create a name for your account and a password.
   You will only have to do this once but please remember your account login name and password.

2.  Upload your pictures to your new Photobucket account.
   On your new Photobucket account, create a new album and then click the ‘Upload’ (green) button on the menu bar at the top of the page. 
Next, click on the “Customize your upload options” button at the top and on the following window, click the 800X600 resize option and save.  (This is important for the GTA format.  It will make your pictures the correct size to insert into the GTA threads.)
Click the “Select Photos and Videos” button which will bring up a window showing the files on your computer.  Click on the picture or pictures you want to upload and then click on the “Open” button. 

3.  Obtain your picture insert code.
   Once you have uploaded your pictures, bring up the picture you want to insert and you should notice a small window that gives you url’s for “Email, Direct Link, HTML code and IMG code.”  
   Click on the button entitled “IMG Code” and the line should then read copied beside the button.

4.  Go back to your message on GTA
   Place your cursor in your message where you want your picture to appear.
   Right click and then click “Paste."   You should now see “(img]your picture link here[/img)”

5.  Finally, hit preview to see your full post including your picture to make sure you got your image link placed correctly. 

I hope this helps you get your pictures where you can share them on the GTA.  I’ve found that a picture truly is worth a thousand words sometimes.  If for some reason, this process does not work for you, try one of the other ways to insert pictures including creating an album under the media tab on the forum.

Good luck and great shooting,

Photobucket is what I use, and I love it. :)

Photobucket is no longer free. But you can still get an account and set up your high definition photos there. Also try
Follow the same procedure in posting photos. There are other free photo and video hosting sites. If you use one not mentioned, please post recommendations here.


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