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G1 chrony numbers.....

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I just bought a Shooting Chrony F1.  So I ran some pellets through it with my G1. Here are the results.  I was using CPHP'S 7.9 grain.  

After looking at the data.  My velocity steadily decreased, and the spread of data opened up.  What do some of your G1's shoot at with CPHP's or similar grain pellets.  

I think the gun is in need of a tune/ maybe a new spring..  It's gotten rougher to cock. not as smooth as it used to be.  And I've been getting alot more flyers lately when grouping.  Where can you buy a stronger spring for the g1?   And Where could I find some detailed information on tuning my gun? ;D

I was just searching.  Found another person had these results with the same gun same pellets.  and he just bought the rifle.

 Crosman G1
Mean = 933.8
SD = 9.4
FPE = 15.3
Max = 948
Min = 913

So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I need to replace my seal.  I've been getting smoke at random times...

Schmidt, how many rounds have you put through it? Have you maintained it, such as making sure you oil your gun properly after 500 shots?

Schmidt, I had just changed my broken spring and replaced it with another brand-new Crosman spring in January 31 2010.  After about 50 shots I chronied the G1;

Average Speed; 960fps
Extreme Spread; 85fps
Max. Speed      ; 1005fps!!!
Min. Speed       ; 945fps

I used the cheapy Crosman Hunting pellet; 7.9 grains...same weight as the CPHPs.  From my other chrony tests with other air rifles the Hunting pellet is between 20 to 30fps faster than the CPHPs.

My G1 might have a slightly damaged seal thus the wide speed differences.  I'll check the seal the next time I NEED to open her up...until then I'll shoot her the way she is.

My G1 used to shoot CPHPs better but now likes the cheap Hunting pellet.  And my Gamo Big Cat is the reverse.  I find this usually happens when I change out a spring....guess the new spring(s) need to smooth themselves out.  Hope the info helps.

Oil in the chamber is a NO NO!!!!!!! thanks david


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