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score posting?


Do I need to post a target pic or is this on the honor system? I am such an idiot with computers I have never posted a pic and don't know how.

Hello Gary and Welcome to the GTA Matches !

We would like everyone to post there scores, and targets if they can !

To post your target first you must take a picture or scan your target.

Then you must reduce the photos size and memory down too 175 KB or less.

Then when you are posting, click on "ADDITIONAL OPTIONS", and where it says "ATTACH" click on "BROUSE", it will show you your photographs, both the normal and reduced photos. Double Click your reduced photo, and it will show up in the "ATTACH" line. Press POST and your done, if reduced properly, below 175 KB in size !

Good luck attaching your target, and Good luck Shootin !  :)

 What did you use for backing on that target. I can never get holes that clean. Are you sure that's not a paper punch! LOL
Holes like that would make scoring a lot easier.

LOL, No there holes from my HW-50S and Crosman Premier Super Match WC.

Before every match I put a new cardboard backing to place my target on ! I hate not to be able to read my pellet holes when there close !

The holes made by my HW-30 aren't quite as sharp, just a little rougher. OH, and I use spring clips to hold the target firm to the backer, all four corners !

I hope this helps you !



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