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GRTIII Trigger Installed.

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I installed this trigger on my g1 it was very easy.  I only had one problem.  the safety was hitting the trigger, and the safety wouldn't engage.  so I sanded down the trigger and the little notch on the saftey some.  If  you pull the trigger hard it will disengage the safety.  I didn't want to take too much off the trigger.

First shot with the trigger... Wow  it's impressive.  very gentle pull.  very nice.  I adjusted the front allen screw which adjust the length of pull if you have the trigger pull maxed out it will disengage the sear when you break the barrel.  So I have it to where its about 1/4 inch of trigger travel.  The rear one that's a slot head screw.  Is that supposed to adjust the weight of pull?  it's light already so I didn't even mess with that one.  It's about flush in the opening.  

Overall very nice trigger and It will optimize your accuracy with any springer.  Now I need to work on the internals of my g1 to make it more accurate.  maybe time for a new spring,lube, etc

The trigger pull weight is not adjustable. If you would have backed out the small Allen screw about 1/4 turn, you would not have needed to sand it down. The second stage is the screw that adjusts the second stage length of pull,not the Allen screw. Normally the first stage screw rarely needs to be adjusted and if so, maybe a quarter turn either way at most and usually counter clockwise.

I have found on my Titan and Storm both that I had back off both screws just alittle. The first stage so the saftey will work and the second stage for the anti bear trap to work. They both now have a short first stage and crisp second. It is an excellent upgrade for these AG's.

Thanks Bob for a great piece!

Regards Skip

charlie:  I see what your saying. If I'd of had that completely up the saftey would clear. I messed up by sanding.

Hey Schmidt... you didn't hurt anything or mess up. Not to worry.:)  It would have just been easier and quicker.  ;)


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